Packs of Gold or Silver Spring-locking Pin Backs

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We all get upset when we lose pins. Somewhere on the streets of Washington DC there is a Samurai Octopi pin whom I will never see again. I wish I had known about these locking pin backs back then...

These flat top spring locking pin backs will help keep your pins securely attached. An internal spring locking mechanism keeps them holding on tight until you separate the disks, releasing the lock from the post on the pin. The best part is no tools are needed to lock or unlock these backs!

These can be a bit tricky to release if you are new to them, but with a little practice you will be a pro. Do NOT try to forcibly remove them, they can damage the post if you pull hard enough.

While pins can still be lost while using these backs, I significantly prefer these to rubber or butterfly clutches on my everyday wear pins that I keep on my messenger bag.