Samurai - RPG Black Cat Series 2 - Hard Enamel Pin

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This design was a custom kitty that I designed as a collaboration with one of my supporters.  They wanted to see a female samurai/Onna-Bugeisha inspired fighter character.  I was thrilled to work with this request as I spent a number of years doing illustrations for the Samurai themed CCG, Legend of the Five Rings.  

  • 1.5 inches tall
  • Hard enamel
  • Two posts/clutches
  • Gold-colored plating

This design is part of a larger collection of pins based on classic tabletop RPG archetypes and classes. Check out the rest of the collection!

These pins are available in two quality grades: Firsts and Seconds.  Please see the Policy page for more information on quality grades.

Each pin we sell helps us fund new original pin designs. Thank you so much for your time!