Raven Pin - Shield Pin -Hard Enamel

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This hard enamel pin depicts a Raven's head on a shield. His keen eye is ever watchful over you, lending you the ancient wisdom of his kind when you need it most. Whether you love ravens, crows, or black birds in general this is the pin for you! 1.5 inches tall Hard enamel Two posts/clutches on the back. Silver colored metal Multiple cutouts Please note: this pin is available in two quality grades: Firsts and Seconds. Firsts are the highest quality and have no or very minor imperfections, while Seconds have imperfections that could include low enamel fill in some areas, scratches, or other such imperfections, but they are still beautiful pins! I actually prefer Seconds for everyday wear on my messenger bag. Each pin we sell helps us fund new original pin designs. Thank you so much for your time!