3 Mystery Hard Enamel Pins

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Get three Frost Dragon Designs pins for one low price!  Over the past several years I have created hundreds of original pin designs.  In order to make room for new designs I need to sell some of the older designs!

My past designs very a great deal in subject.  What will you get?  Who knows!  Maybe a snake holding a bouquet of red flowers, or a shield emblazoned with a raven!  It could even be a green tiger or a large red dragon! 

While the designs are a mystery until you open your package, here are some facts about the mystery pins:

  • Original design by Frost Dragon Designs, LLC
  • 1 inches or greater at the widest point
  • Hard enamel
  • One or two posts/clutches
  • Gold-colored or silver-colored plating

Every effort will be made to not include duplicates in individual orders.  

These pins are available in two quality grades: Firsts and Seconds.  Please see the Policy page for more information on quality grades.

Each pin we sell helps us fund new original pin designs. Thank you so much for your time!