Cute Cat Monthly Pin Club Subscription

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This is a monthly pin subscription

August Design: Umbrella Cat (Self-Reflection)

Ships in Early September.

Subscription Club Details

The design changes on the 22nd of each month. 

If you sign up ON or BEFORE the 21st of a month, you will receive the NEXT month’s design.  For example, if you sign up on February 18th, the first pin you receive will be the March pin. 

If you sign up AFTER the 21st of a month, you will not receive the next month's pin, but will start receiving pins the month after that.  For example, if you sign up on February 23rd, the first pin you will receive will be the April pin.

You will be charged immediately for your first month’s pin.  After that you will automatically be charged on the 21st of each month while you are a member of the pin club.   You will never be charged twice for the same design. 

Subscription pins ship out in the first two weeks of a month.

Currently the pin club is only open to the US and Canada, but we are looking into expanding this in the future. 

Pin Club Benefits:

  • Get access to new pin designs two month before they are listed for general sale on the site.
  • The subscription price is at a discounted rate compared to the general sales price.

For now, these designs are NOT exclusive to subscribers.

Each pin we sell helps us fund new original pin designs. Thank you so much for your time!