D20 Raven - Hard Enamel Pin

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This hard enamel pin depicts a Raven/Crow holding a magic D20/Amethyst. I am an avid gamer and love to show my support for the table top community. This beautiful, yet fearsome bird has found an enchanted D20. Shall he roll for your fate? For those of you who are not gamers, perhaps he has happened upon a beautifully cut amethyst? Whether you love ravens, crows, or black birds in general this is the pin for you!

  • 1.75 inches wide
  • Hard enamel
  • Two posts/clutches
  • Silver-colored plating

These pins are available in two quality grades: Firsts and Seconds.  Please see the Policy page for more information on quality grades.

Each pin we sell helps us fund new original pin designs. Thank you so much for your time!